Product Information

The Megan Miller Collection consists entirely of 3 FREE Nail Polish of the highest quality.

What is 3 Free?

3 Free in its simplest terms means Nail Polish that Does Not Contain:
1) Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
2) Toluene
3) Formaldehyde

We refer to these three Chemicals as the "Big 3" because these are the dangerous and disputed chemicals within the composition of Nail Polish.

Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP is a plasticizer that makes nail polish flexible. Phthalates are known to affect hormone function and long-term exposure may cause damage to the kidneys and liver. Pregnant women must consider that DBP may harm the developing fetus and the male testes.

Toluene is a colorless liquid used as a solvent. Toluene is a human reproductive and developmental toxin. It is thought to cause liver damage and skin irritation. In high levels it may affect the kidneys. Toluene has been linked to birth defects.

Formaldehyde assists in hardening the nail. Formaldehyde has been linked to cancer and inhaling the fumes can result in watery eyes, headache, and labored breathing.

To know the toxicity level of these chemicals, visit Skin Deep, the most popular online safety guide for cosmetics and personal care products. Search results at Skin Deep database show that DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde have the same high hazard score of 10. The hazard score is on 0 - 10 scale, (10 corresponding to highest concern). Moreover, all these ingredients are linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity and allergies (visit this website for details).

Be careful to check the ingredient list before you buy. Use nail polish and other beauty products that are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Consider how often you come in contact with products that have a high hazard level. For example, if you often get your nails done at salon, be cautious about what products they use and how good ventilation in the salon is.

Also be aware, if a nail polish is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP, it doesn't mean that a nail treatment from the same brand is also free from all of these toxic chemicals. In fact, there are many well-known nail treatments that still use one or two toxic ingredients.

A good thing from this question is people are becoming more aware about the products they use. Bad thing is, yes there are actually many bad chemicals found in our cosmetics we use every day. And just knowing it will surprise most of us. Be aware, Go 3 Free!



The Bottle:  Our Bottle is custom designed and molded to our Private specification, crafting a look and feel unlike any other.  With the Bulbous body and flared neck we worked relentlessly to create a piece that is unique and has never been seen before.  Our glass is of the highest quality and we push the limit of design to present the bottle that truly is one of a kind.

New! The Brush: Our Brush is the Highest Quality brush on the market today.  The brush is a 220 strand Professional wide brush.  This brush gives a perfectly smooth, consistent coverage on each stroke, providing a precise application each and every time.  Unlike most conventional brushes which have a rectangular bristle pattern (Exhibit A) The patented technology of the brush we employ has an interlocking triangular bristle pattern (Exhibit B) which provides the smoothest stroke and most consistent coverage.

The Cork: The Natural look and feel of the Cork tops have many advantages. All of our Cork tops are individually cut and drilled to our specification.  The Natural appearance of the Cork creates a unique look to every piece.  The use of a Natural product is eco friendly.  Most importantly the shape and feel of the cork provides optimal functionality.  The Cork is soft and textured, providing a perfect grip, making it Ideal to use even for the Professional.

The Raffia:  The Raffia used to create the necktie on the bottle is 100% all Natural.  Hand picked from the palms of  Madagascar, it is sun-dried and is of the highest quality.  The subtle difference in each tie also brings a uniqueness to every piece.

The Mission:  To create a bottle and Polish experience unlike any other.  To make women wear their grandest side with confidence and ease.  To make you Look Good, Feel Complete and “Be Colorful”! 

- Megan